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The Mommy Lifecycle.

What Does Your Mommy Archetype Say About You?

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lifecycle-V-2-New-another-final-2 (1)

Planning for the family of our dreams,

navigating our fertility and fertility options,



the transition to motherhood,

and figuring out how to be the mother we want to be,

while also being the partner and professional,

the whole woman

we have always wanted to be

—integrated, happy, and successful—

are among the most important things that we will ever do in our lives.

Yet, we do them silently and in isolation.

(Well, not conceiving exactly☺, but you get what we mean.)

What Does Your Mommy Archetype Say About You?

What Does Your Mommy Archetype Say About You?

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You've Come to the Right Place If You Are:

An In-the-Future Mommy

You want to become a Mom one day—after meeting your life partner and/or establishing your career.

Want to learn how to preserve your fertility so that you can have babies later?

Deciding if you should freeze your eggs?

Trying to figure out if you're ready to be a Mom?

Is s/he the right one to do this with?

A Conceiving Mommy

You are planning to conceive in the next 1 month to 2 years -OR- you want to be pregnant right now!!

Do you have fertility concerns?

Want to learn how to take the guesswork out of conceiving?

Deciding if you should try IVF or other assistive reproductive technologies?

Thinking of using an egg &/or sperm donor?

A Pregnant Mommy

You are already pregnant -OR- are expecting a baby via Surrogate.

Want to learn how to have your healthiest, happiest pregnancy?

Want to guide your Surrogate to choices that best support your baby's physical, cognitive, and psychological development?

Want to babyproof your relationship &/or career?

A Birthing Mommy

You are preparing to give birth -OR- your Surrogate will be giving birth soon.

Want to prepare yourself for the mental, emotional, physical, and relationship challenges of giving birth?

Want to help your Surrogate prepare herself for a safe and peaceful birth?

A New Mommy

You are newly postpartum -OR- you have recently transitioned to Motherhood through adoption.

Want to have a smooth and happy transition to Motherhood?

How do you sort through the mountains of conflicting information about how to best take care of yourself and your baby?

Trying to understand how your partner feels right now?

Surprised that breastfeeding doesn't come as naturally as you expected?

Welcoming another child into your family?

An Experienced Mommy

You've been a Mommy for two years or longer.

Trying to figure out how to do all of the things you want to do with your life?

In need of some support, guidance, accountability &/or masterminding?

SO ready to flourish as a Mom AND a woman?!

If you want to do all this while being your healthiest, happiest, most peaceful self & successfully balancing life, career + womanhood, you've come to the right place.
♥ I'm so glad you're here. ♥

Whatever your stage of The Mommy Lifecycle™, Dr. Cleopatra has you covered.


"Dr. Cleopatra is living proof that women can have it all: a family, a satisfying career and a deep sense of joy in daily living. She not only leads by example, but she's dedicated to showing all of us how we can do this in our own lives, too. If you are a professional woman trying to figure out how you will balance work and family once your baby arrives, make Dr. Cleopatra your first stop."

Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore, President and CEO, National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

"I can’t think of another scientist in the world who is both SO BRILLIANT and SO LOVING, and it’s with this unique combination of brains and heart that Dr. Cleopatra is literally changing the way that women have babies and define motherhood on a daily basis. Because of her, professional women are now stepping into their fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood proactively, consciously, grounded with the best information, and soaring with joy and the magic of possibility."

Yael B., NYC

“Dr. Cleopatra brings a stunning combination of research background, scientific training, academic accomplishments, and communication artistry together – and then offers it with a strength, joy, and gentleness that benefits all those who are around her.  Her dedication to helping women and families changes lives – for the better.  Anyone who knows Dr. Cleopatra and learns from her is fortunate indeed."

Dr. Meggin McIntosh, Founder & CEO, Emphasis on Excellence, Inc.

What Does Your Mommy Archetype Say About You?

What Does Your Mommy Archetype Say About You?

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