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The Dr. Cleopatra mission is to magnify the love and goodness in the world by using science and wisdom to help institutions, healthcare providers, and organizations support women through the stages of the Mommy Lifecycle--including fertility, pregnancy, and balancing Motherhood with professional roles and aspirations.

Dr. Cleopatra envisions an even better planet.

We are doing our part to spread love and good health by investing in children and their surroundings. For every family we help to create and support through our 1:1 programs, we sponsor a child in the developing world. Our sponsorship provides nourishment, healthcare, and education for the child, as well as resources for the child's family and community.

You might think that having the family & the life of your dreams is luck or good fortune.

Society has this all wrong.

It’s not.

It is a conscious, deliberate, and cumulative process.

I teach you a better way:

compassionate, loving, practical, and evidence-based.


The Radical Truth about Getting Pregnant that Only a Scientist Can Tell You

Meet Dr. Cleopatra

Scientist  |  Wifey + Mommy of 3  |  Fierce Cheerleader for Women

Scientific Background

Dr. Cleopatra Gold Triangle BackgroundDr. Cleopatra’s scientific research integrates psychology, human development and aging, public health, and medicine to better understand lifespan and intergenerational health and human flourishing, particularly in pregnancy and women’s reproductive health more broadly. She has studied tens of thousands of women and families throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world. Dr. Cleopatra developed Aging Before Birth and Beyond, a model of lifespan and intergenerational human development. Also as part of this theoretical work, Dr. Cleopatra developed the Culture and Social Identity Health Theory to strengthen understanding of health in diverse populations in the United States and throughout the world. She coined the term healthcare stereotype threat and was the first to empirically demonstrate that this phenomenon presents a psychosocial barrier to healthcare and good health during the reproductive years and throughout the adult lifespan into old age, spawning a critical new area of research that is relevant to numerous social groups, including women seeking to have babies later in life. Dr. Cleopatra’s research on healthcare stereotype threat also provides an innovative approach to cultural competency for physicians, including gynecologists, obstetricians, reproductive endocrinologists, and infertility specialists. To this end, Dr. Cleopatra was commissioned by Anthem, the second-largest health insurance company in the U.S., to develop a medical provider training to increase cultural competency through creation of stereotype-safe medical settings.

Dr. Cleopatra has published dozens of articles and book chapters in fields as diverse as psychology, public health, medicine, aging, and sociology. She also served as an Associate Editor for the first ever Handbook of Minority Aging, published by Springer in 2013.

Dr. Cleopatra’s research has been funded by several arms of the National Institutes of Health, including the National Institute on Child Health and Human Development, the National Institute on Aging, the National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities, and the National Institute of Mental Health, as well  as  by  the  National  Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the Michigan Center for Integrative Approaches to Health Disparities, the USC Population Research Center, and the UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute.

Dr. Cleopatra has been cited nearly 800 times in just five years in the scientific literature and countless times in the news and popular literature. She has taught thousands of undergraduate and graduate students, including through her USC courses on The Psychology of Human Lifespan Development and Global Diversity in Aging, consistently receiving the highest possible student ratings. Dr. Cleopatra has received numerous honors and awards in recognition of her scholarship and is also a selected member of the Fulbright Specialists Roster.

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