Having the Families and Lives of Our Dreams

I’m guessing that I am a lot like you in that I am a spectacularly driven, career-oriented woman with a fierce commitment to having the largest positive impact on the world I possibly can. In my case, I do this by working on behalf of women, and their dreams, at multiple levels.


I am a scientist and professor. My specialty is reproductive health, human flourishing, and how health is transmitted across generations. I work to understand what these look like—and have the potential to look like—for all kinds of people in all kinds of circumstances.


I have conducted research on tens of thousands of women of all colors, ages, shapes, sizes, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, language preferences, and professions.
Why is this important and why does it help women like you?


I have discovered that the process of transmitting our physical health and emotional well-being to our children begins long before we actually get pregnant and become Mothers. I have seen time and time again (both in my own life and in the lives of the women


I have studied and supported) that fertility, pregnancy, and Motherhood bring life into sharp focus—especially the parts that aren’t working so well.
We actively plan for and shape the body, education, career, wedding, even the wardrobe that we want. Why wouldn’t we do the same when it comes to our fertility, pregnancy, and Motherhood (some of the most important things we will ever do in our lifetime!)?


I created The Mommy Lifecycle™ to teach women how to choose deliberate action and intentional bliss in their fertility, pregnancy, Motherhood, and broader life experiences.


Through The Mommy Lifecycle Community and my signature In Bloom Programs, I provide a space of support, learning, and community for women that exists nowhere else in the world.


In this space, we address relationships, biology, career, identity, stereotypes, stress, mindset—our whole selves. Because our whole selves matter for healthy fertility and pregnancy, healthy babies, and healthy relationships. Our whole selves matter if we are going to be our healthiest, happiest selves—as Mothers, professionals, women, and humans.


I love working directly with women all over the world. Beyond my own yummy family, helping women create the families and the lives of their dreams is the single happiest thing in the world to me.


I also get that making the world the healthiest, happiest, most supportive, loving, inspiring, and productive place it can be for women and their families requires working at the level of the structural and social forces that affect them. I help the corporations that employ women, the fertility clinics and other healthcare providers that care for women, and the health insurance companies that shape the healthcare systems that treat women make shifts, big and small, that enable them to take better care of women during critical developmental periods across The Mommy Lifecycle (including making fertility plans, conceiving, expecting, transitioning to Motherhood, and bringing additional children into the family and world).


There is not a bottom line on the planet that doesn’t benefit from healthy, happy women, babies, and families.


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