November Is All About Making A Baby!

During the month of November, we are celebrating and supporting the journey of the Conceiving Mommies out there!


If you are someone who wants to be pregnant very soon (i.e., within the next 2 years), you are in the Conceiving Mommy Stage of The Mommy Lifecycle.


And if you wanted to be pregnant, like, yesterday and just haven’t yet gotten pregnant, you are a Conceiving Mommy, too!


I couldn’t be more excited for you, beautiful Mommy-To-Be!! If it is taking longer than you expected to get pregnant, to you I want to say: Do not despair. There is always a way to become the Mommy you dream of being. It doesn’t always happen on the timeline that you expected or in the way that you imagined, but I promise there is always a way. Don’t give up. Stay focused on your goal (I know it’s easier said than done–but aim for a focus that is strong, but also gentle and kind); be a critical consumer of the information out there; and, most importantly, surround yourself with genuine love and support.


As a Conceiving Mommy, your Mommy Archetype is The Gardener. The Gardener is characterized by planting seeds. Her challenge is deliberate action.


Here’s my tip for you, beautiful Gardener: If you know that you want a healthy body, mind, and spirit so that you can have a pregnancy that transforms you on the inside even more than it does on the outside; a blissed-out marriage or partnership where you actually have fun living and parenting together; babies who make you weak in the knees with their deliciousness; and the ability to flourish as a Mommy, professional, woman, and human all at the same time, then consciously and deliberately plan for those things.






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