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The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™


Are You Ready To Be A Mommy?

Chances are, since you’re reading this, you’re considering having a baby (or another one), and one (or more!) of the statements below describes you:

1. You’ve tried for months (or years) to get pregnant, and you haven’t been successful.

2. You’ve waited a long time to have a baby, and you’re finally ready to start trying! But now what?

3. You think you want to be a mom, but you’re having trouble getting off the fence about it because you’re afraid: What’s going to happen to your body, your freedom, your career, your relationship?

4. You’ve experienced miscarriage or other loss, and you want to know what you can do to prevent having to go through that again.

5. You’ve already decided to use IVF or other assistive reproductive technology, and you want to do everything you can to make it work.

6. You’re planning to freeze your eggs, and you want help getting ready.

7. You’re craving freedom from shame and a space of pleasure, joy, and community as you connect to your biological clock and the healthiest version of you.

If you found yourself nodding your head, read on! 


The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™

An 8-week self-study online program designed to give you absolutely everything you need to prepare for pregnancy, psychologically and physically; to get pregnant quickly and easily; and to carry your baby to term—happily, peacefully, and in great health.


Reconceiving Conception

Whether you want a baby right this minute or 10 years from now,
your biological clock, fertility, and conceiving and pregnancy experiences are yours to shape—proactively, with intention, love, and excitement


The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™

About The Program

The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ is a science-based, big-hearted approach to preparing your full self and your full life—mind, body, career, ambition, romantic relationship, and every other corner of your life for pregnancy and for the beautiful and awesome opportunity that your fertility represents!

Dr. Cleopatra developed the 5-step The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ system from her own research and the broader scientific literature documenting the most important factors influencing fertility and successful full-term pregnancies for women of all backgrounds, personalities, and lifestyles.

The state-of-the-art science of The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ is rounded out by Dr. Cleopatra’s 23 years of experience working with women; her experience as a Mommy of three; and her fierce love and commitment to helping to make the world the healthiest, happiest, most loving, fun, and supportive place it can be for women and their children.

Step 1


Strategic planning, designing, and building of your ideal family and life pictures
Uncover and dispel internal blocks to making these pictures a reality

Step 2


Learn “The Get Pregnant In No Time System”
Identify and overcome challenges

Step 3


Preserve, extend, and amplify your fertility
Get yourself baby-ready

Step 4


Identify holes and strengthen your supporting cast. Develop dream-supporting habits and larger support structures and systems.

Step 5


Now that you have a complete picture of what matters, hone in on the one thing that matters most for your unique fertility puzzle and biological clock in 3 areas: Self. Family. Contribution.

These are the core tenets of the program that can take you from where you are right now to a woman who no longer worries about her biological clock, or her fertility, or whether she’s doing this whole thing “right.” Even if you’ve tried and tried with little-to-no success to get and stay pregnant—even if you feel like your body or choices have betrayed you. The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol we'll transform your life and your relationship to your fertility.

Our 2018 12-month success rate


— Andrea J., Los Angeles, CA

You CAN conceive easily; genuinely savor the process of learning about your unique body, biological clock, and fertility and feel happy, healthy, and grounded as you finally become a mommy. With the right tools and support, you create a chain reaction of health and well-being that will benefit your family, community, and the planet for generations to come.

What Women Who Experience The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ Are Saying...

"When I met Cleopatra, I was at a low point. I had just had my second pregnancy loss in less than a year, and I was desperately seeking help for an endeavor I wasn't sure was possible at the age of 43 -- to give my daughter a sibling. On my own, I had already been doing acupuncture twice a week and meditating, and I was reading a ton about supplements, the dangers of toxic chemicals in household products, diet, and lifestyle. But the information I was taking in --while helpful -- felt overwhelming. Cleopatra's The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ program combines the data and science out there with a dose of secular spirituality to give your mind and body a rest so you can focus on nurturing yourself back to health, and tap into your innate fertility. When you feel down, Dr. C clears the roadblocks. When you feel like it's too much, Dr. C distills the information into manageable, bite-size actionable pieces. And above all, Cleopatra's deep and genuine investment into your goal will make you feel loved unconditionally; she's a fierce warrior for your success. And when I got my positive pregnancy test a few weeks ago (at the age of 44), Cleopatra was the second person I told, right after I shared the news with my husband. If you are lucky to meet Dr. C., she will become the biggest cheerleader for your fertility success."

— Priya, San Francisco

“For me, having a family was a long, windy, and bumpy road. Then I found Dr. Cleopatra, and suddenly my path was clear. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy at my age and with my particular health circumstances, but suddenly I was no longer alone or isolated in my confusion, uncertainty, and shame. She loved and shepherded me through it all. She is the most fantastic, inspirational, brilliant sister guide you could ever have on your baby journey. Dr. Cleopatra, thank you for your very being and existence. You are changing the world one person at a time!”

— Andrea J., Los Angeles, CA

The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™

Everything You Need to Get Ready for
Having the Family and the Life of Your Dreams:
Head to Toe, Inside Out, and in Every Single Part of Your Life!

When you enroll in The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™, you get online access to tools, resources, and videos. For 8 weeks, you’ll receive expert guidance for consciously creating the fertility, family, and life of your dreams.

Week 1: The Clarity Tool Box
Get crystal clear on your new starting point: A safe, guilt-free, shame-free place where you conquer your fear and create a fresh beginning for this new, incredible path forward to the family and life of your dreams.
Week 2: The Baby-Making Formula
Develop a deeper understanding of your body and use my step-by-step system for getting pregnant quickly and easily.
Week 3: Shame & Limiting Beliefs
Release shame, limiting beliefs, social comparison, and other internal obstacles that are holding you back from having the fertility, family, and life you want.
Week 4: Psychology & Hormones
Discover the truth about the role your hormones play in your overall health and your ability to conceive (this goes beyond your menstrual cycle and may surprise you), and learn what to do to stop your hormones from sabotaging your fertility.
Week 5: Pregnant Life
Learn how to use your body, mind, and life to actively fuel your fertility.
Week 6: Threat vs. Challenge
Master a proven process for distinguishing threat from challenge on your fertility path, so you can allow your mind and body to receive your baby in a state of ease and peace.
Week 7: Chemical Messengers
Identify any “healthy” mistakes you’re making, learn what chemical messengers are and how to use them to support your fertility, and crack the code to your unique fertility constellation.
Week 8: Mapping Your Needs
Get clear on your needs, and create a plan for meeting them, now and as you progress through pregnancy and the subsequent stages of the Mommy Lifecycle!

You’ll walk away from The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ program with exactly what you need to stop worrying about your biological clock, get off the fertility roller coaster, and finally have the family and life of your dreams!

The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™

You’ll Be Supported
Every Step of the Way!

As soon as you register for The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™, you will have immediate access to get started right away! You will also have access to our private Facebook group, the Art & Science of Getting Pregnant, where you will be surrounded by community. You also get to connect directly with Dr. Cleopatra during Facebook Live office hours.


You have lifetime online access to The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™, which means that you can return to it to prep for as many babies as you want! Access The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol any time, from any device.


Harness the power of our thriving community for support, accountability, and inspiration.
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Dr. Cleopatra will be available to answer any questions you may have on our community page via live broadcast.

It’s my life’s work to support women in becoming mothers, and in navigating this beautiful, life-changing process with the very best support, guidance, and information. The period of time before we get pregnant is one of the most important windows of opportunity we have as humans. We can change the world one family at a time by literally changing the genes we hand down to our children and their children.


The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™

We are over the moon about the results The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ delivers for women and their families!
Here’s what our members report:


In their

Reproductive Health

In their

Overall Physical Health

In their

Emotional Well-Being
In their Romantic
In their Relationships to
In their Self-Esteem
In their Professional Careers/Aspirations

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The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ Gives You Everything You Need to Get Ready for Being a Mom: Head to Toe, Inside and Out, and in Every Single Part of Your Life!

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Join Us Today and Get Your Complementary
Mommy Success Tool Kit.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on the Mommy Success Toolkit bonus! This gem distills Dr. Cleopatra’s top 10 secrets to success for each stage of The Mommy Lifecycle. Use the Mommy Success Toolkit as your companion as you glide through every stage of Motherhood—including those critical months and years leading up to getting pregnant!—to ensure that you are doing everything you can to prepare in advance to give your baby the best of everything (including the very best genes), to prevent feelings of overwhelm and isolation, to avoid costly and painful mistakes, and to find the balance that allows you to be your best self at home, work, and everywhere else.

Inside the Mommy Success Kit:

  • Benefit 1

    Get the top 10 secrets for preserving your fertility so that you can have your yummy babies when you feel ready.

  • Benefit 2

    Get the top 10 secrets for making the most of the magical window of opportunity before getting pregnant for creating a domino effect of health and well-being that will uplift your family, community, and the planet for generations to come.

  • Benefit 3

    Get the top 10 secrets for preparing for a blissful birth, postpartum period, and transition back to working once your precious bundle has arrived.

(Value: $149, Yours FREE with The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™)

Let's Bloom, Mama!

Get Started Now.

The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ Gives You Everything You Need to Get Ready for Being a Mom: Head to Toe, Inside and Out, and in Every Single Part of Your Life!

Choose the plan that works best for you:

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Save $202 when you pay in full.

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Need Help or Have Questions?

We're here to answer all your questions

What New Mommies Are Saying

“Oh my god!!! My NIPT came back normal and we saw a perinatologist today as well and he gave us 99.9% clearance. I’m in heaven!!!!
And you called it—it’s a girl!
I love you and all your support! You have been such an amazing blessing in our world and I couldn’t thank you enough for your presence, your love, your knowledge and for making this possible for us.
Love and cherish you more than any words can describe!”

— Janie, Los Angeles


I’ve already spent so much time and money trying to get pregnant; how will this be any different?

The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ takes a completely different approach to preparing for pregnancy and getting pregnant. We cover the psychology and the physiology (and how those two elements interact), not just one or the other. We focus on healing your mind and body so you’re truly prepared, on the deepest level, to create a baby! Our success rate and outcomes speak for themselves. This is powerful stuff!

I have a lot going on in my life. I’m not sure I have time to spend on a program like this. What’s the time investment like?

First of all, I get it! I’m a working mom, too. So I’ve designed this program to fit into your existing schedule as much as possible. One important element of becoming baby-ready, though, is to create some space in your life so you’re operating in a more intentional state of being. That being said, you’ll receive a video lesson each week that you can watch on your own time. Each lesson is about 60 minutes long. You can also access the any supplemental resources at your convenience. As far as implementing what you’re learning (including exercises and meditations), you can spend as much or as little time as you like. The key to this program is diving deep into who you are and who you are becoming as a mommy. Yes, you will be learning things no one has ever told you before, so it will take some time and energy. But the most important thing to know is that, once you’ve made the shifts that I teach you, you will feel more at ease and in the flow of your life, your body, and your baby path. And finally getting to that place of support and ease means that you will have a lot more energy and attention to give to the other things in your life that have been neglected while you’ve been trying for, or getting ready to try for, your baby.

All this baby-making business has caused serious intimacy issues with my partner. Can this program help us?

Yes, absolutely! An important part of what we do during The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ is to help you regain your grounding and feel peace and pleasure again. Through internal work and exercises, you and your partner will rediscover the spark, the intimacy, the joy, and the FUN of your sensuality, sexuality, and connection.

Can’t I figure out how to do pregnancy prep on my own, by researching online or asking friends and family what they did?

As you’re probably aware, there is a vast amount of information available about conceiving, pregnancy, and parenting online. The truth is, much of it is not representative, based instead on women’s feelings or their own stories. The information is often conflicting and confusing and fear-based—focused on all the things that could go wrong. The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ is science-based and delivered with love and practicality. If you are experienced with digesting the scientific and medical literature, it is possible that you could cobble together the information you need, at least to some degree. However, when you enroll in The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™, you can rest assured that instead of sifting through tons of information—including worrying misinformation—you’re receiving science-based, solution-oriented, information with loving and caring guidance. You’ll save yourself countless hours, weeks, months, or years of research, worry, and missteps. If you want to get pregnant as quickly as possible, in the most loving, nurturing environment possible, you’re exactly where you need to be.

I’ve had some health issues (e.g., PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids), and I’m worried I won’t be able to get pregnant no matter what I try. Can you help?

Absolutely. I’ve studied and supported thousands of women during this special time of life, and I use a science-based, big-hearted approach to help you address every modifiable risk factor to reverse fertility challenges, weeding out what really works and what doesn’t. Because we focus on pregnancy preparation—which is one of the most important things you can do to maximize your odds of conceiving quickly and reduce your odds of miscarriage and other complications—you’ll be setting up yourself, your child, and their children for the best chance of success, no matter what you’ve experienced up to this point.

What will my partner say if I invest in this program?

The truth is that no one person can be our entire support system. Making the decision to start trying for a baby and trying to conceive are private and sacred experiences that we don’t commonly share in Western society, so it is often the partner who is trying to provide all of the support (because he/she/they is the only one who knows). This can create a lot of pressure for your partner and put strain on your relationship. The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ is such a powerful tool for so many reasons, including that you get the support and guidance you need while relieving the pressure on your relationship. We also help to guide your partner, week by week, in understanding what you are thinking and feeling and in how to support you. It will be a godsend for you both.

Here's the bottom line:

It’s finally your time in life to have a baby.
You can’t wait to see that
positive pregnancy test, to hear your baby’s heartbeat, to
feel your baby move inside of you, to finally hold your baby in your arms.

I am here, and I couldn’t be more committed to helping you do all of that.

The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ will give you everything you need to
create a safe, sacred, and happy baby path.

Ready to bloom, Mama?

Join The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ at

Yes, Dr. Cleopatra! I'm ready to bloom!

I understand that when I enroll in the eight-week In Pregnancy Prep System, I receive:

  • Eight (8) video lessons, made available weekly, plus a bonus Transition Week video lesson
  • Six (6) worksheets
  • 10 Wins Checklists, to track your progress as you move through the program and travel along your journey
  • Baby Magnet exercises and activities
  • Meditations
  • The Get Pregnant in No Time Manual (eBook + product guide)
  • For Every Body Nutrient Guide (eBook)
  • Core Supplements for Daddies
  • The Most Vital Mommy Labs
  • Nutritional Guidelines
  • Commonly Asked Questions: a set of recorded calls with Dr. Cleopatra for each of the eight core modules
  • 15 bonus recorded calls with Dr. Cleopatra
  • Lifetime Access to The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol content and content updates
  • Gratitudes
  • Conception Date and Pregnancy Preparation Timeline Calculation

Bonus:Let us help you bring your partner along in your process!
Access short and sweet weekly science-based messages guiding your partner on how to best support you week-by-week.

Get Started Now.

The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™ Gives You Everything You Need to Get Ready for Being a Mom: Head to Toe, Inside and Out, and in Every Single Part of Your Life!

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Save $202 when you pay in full.

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Meet Dr. Cleopatra

Nice to meet you! I’m Dr. Cleopatra, a scientist and university professor with a long list of credentials, including a PhD in Social and Health Psychology and Statistics and postdoctoral training in social epidemiology and population health. I am also trained as a Khalsa Way Prenatal Kundalini Yoga instructor by Gurmukh and as a doula by Judy Chapman. I specialize in the intersection of reproductive health, human flourishing, and how health is transmitted from one generation to the next.

My multi-million dollar research program has been funded by several arms of the National Institutes of Health, by the National Science Foundation, by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and many others. I have been cited nearly 1,000 times in just five years in the scientific literature and countless times in the news and popular literature. I am a member of the Fulbright Specialists Roster.

I lost my mother at birth. This experience gave me my purpose early in life, so it’s no surprise that I spend my life teaching women (and their partners) about the power they have to shape their biological clock, their fertility, and their conceiving and pregnancy experiences. The months and years leading up to becoming a mommy represent one of the most important windows of opportunity we have as humans. We can literally change the world for generations to come by positively shaping the genes, brain structure, immune system, stress response, and human potential that we pass down to our children and their children.

I have formally supported and studied thousands of women and families over the past 23 years. I also personally use the The Dr. Cleopatra Protocol™, and I gave birth to our three children just before my 35th, 37th, and 40th birthdays. We conceived all of our babies on the first try. (Baby 3 not pictured here!)

We aren’t special. This is possible for you, too! I can’t wait to help you.